Tuesday, April 3, 2012


When you have a big sister that is vibrant, creative, mischievous, and always ready to include you in your fun, you have something to smile about. I could not script or pose the kind of happiness my Ella has for her big sister, Maggie. Her look says it all.

This month I Heart Faces is sponsoring a Happiness challenge.You can click on the link below to learn more about the challenge and see other entries. Everyone who enters has a chance to win a Canon Rebel T3 camera kit. Go out today and find a little happiness in your world!

Photo Challenge Submission


Dana Suggs said...

OH.MY.LOVE!! I seriously am so in love with this photo!! OK, this is the EPITOME of happiness! OK, this one has captured my heart. As the mother of 6 children, it makes my WHOLE.DAY to see my older and my younger children enjoying each others company. LOVE!

Julie Rivera said...

This is what every mom wants to see! That adoration is pure and simple and perfect.

Ali said...

This is beautiful! Love the soft processing and adore the sisterly love!

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