Thursday, July 5, 2012

52 on Fridays (27/52) Celebrate!

Pinterest is full of ideas for engagement photography, and it should be.When two people choose to come together for a lifetime, there is great cause to celebrate! We love to document the events surrounding a wedding in pictures. But what about after the wedding? How often do we stop to photograph couples that have been together for years? Why aren't we encouraging people to document the BEST part of marriage- that time after years of foundation building when a couple can just enjoy who they are and why they are together.
I can't thank Colleen enough for allowing me to be a part of the celebration of her silver wedding anniversary. Her idea to create portraits to remember this time was a great one. In looking at the images, I love that her husband, Al, looks the most relaxed when he is looking into her eyes. I love how telling that is, and how I would have missed that if I had not taken pictures of the two of them together.  
I had the pleasure of spending a morning downtown with the Whites and their son, Nelson. One of the great things about walking around and exploring with clients is you never know what you will learn. As we walked by the Lamar Restaurant, Colleen explained that it was the site of their first almost date and a rejection! I will let her tell the story: 

We had met in Hattiesburg some time before this but never had a date, but I was walking by the Lamar and saw him through the window. I went in and I think we had a cup of coffee or something  and through  the conversation asked him out for the weekend to attend my high school reunion.  He turned me down.  He says it was either because it was short notice or thought it would be better for me to go alone or he was working a lot as a landman.  He did get my phone number and called and asked me out shortly thereafter and we've been together ever since.
We had not planned on an image like the one below, but with so much meaning for the couple in that restaurant, it had to happen. This is one of the last images from the session, and it is one of my favorites. Congratulations, y'all! I hope we get together to document your 50th anniversary, too!

I am honored to link to my friend, Chay, today. Her style is the very definition of the theme celebration.  She always has joy to spare in the pictures she takes.


Chay Hastings Photography said...

This is such a beautiful post!!! I loved reading about them. I'm so happy he finally called her. They look so wonderful together. These are some of my favs from you yet Tifani!
p.s. Usually I am all about celebrating. I wasn't feeling like myself this week. uh oh! The people who click your link this week are going to be confused. LOL!

Tifani said...

Oh no, Chay! I want to laugh, but your post makes me feel like I should give you a hug instead. Generally speaking, thought, your images make me want to celebrate. So much life!

Jackie said...

What a pleasant surprise this post is and what a beautiful couple and story of love, commitment, and memories. I agree, we do not celebrate with photographs like we should those that have worked through those exciting first years.

Katiusca said...

What an awesome post and amazing story. Beautiful images and couple!!

Krista Lund said...

these are great! i love your bw conversions.

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