Thursday, August 16, 2012

52 on Fridays (33/52) Water

It's not fancy this week, but we are in the midst of trying to get homeschooling off the ground, so it is what it is! I wanted to try to push my 8 year old to do something silly. Last week's laughing post was a bust for her. She was miserable trying to fake smile because real smiling is something she does with thought and only when truly entertained. This is what I usually get:

So serious! But something about bubbles and the promise of a coconut oil hair moisture treatment after got her in a good mood. She takes her hair seriously, too. I got some rare goofy moments from her on camera.

Maybe she will even let me take pictures of her with the shower cap on? While you wait in suspense to find out, go visit my friend Sarah at Ozarks Fare Grounds. She has some very sparkly water in her post.


Sarah {Ozarks Fare Grounds} said...

So fun! I love your pp here, and her freckles are too cute.

Leslie Maxwell said...

Those expressions are priceless...and love those freckles!

reneej said...

Her freckles are too cute! Nice to know I'm not the only one getting 'serious' looks!

Jackie said...

she is a bubbly doll this week. I'm interested in the coconut oil treatment, sounds wonderful!

CrisStephens said...

Love her freckles!!!!!! love these. So beautiful. Love the light and the editing. So nice! <3

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