Thursday, November 22, 2012

52 on Fridays (47/52) Thankful

I had plans for this post. Yesterday I took pictures of amazing food, beautiful family, and the scenes that fill a perfect Thanksgiving. I am blessed and have so many reasons to be thankful. I sat down to write about my wonderful day and to check YouTube videos (because that's what I like to do!) and for some reason, this video was suggested for me. I could share every picture I took yesterday and still not convey a message as special as this one. I'm sorry in advance for the ads. Please click them away as they appear.

Today I am so very thankful for the kind of hope this story gives me. I have hope that the world is full of good people even in parts of the worlds where everything seems as dark as it can be. I have hope that in the end, love and compassion will win. I have hope that when enough small voices come together to whisper a message of hope, the collective voice they produce will be too loud to ignore. 

I know my friend, Jackie, has many reasons to be thankful this year. Please visit her blog and read her story.


Jackie P said...

I'm happy to read you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and I'm sure it was picture perfect. Thank you for sharing this moving video really touched me, especially watching "mom".

Katiusca Guzman said...

Very moving! What a beautiful voice! Thanks for sharing and I am glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!

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