Wednesday, July 25, 2012

52 on Fridays (30/52) Different Perspective

Perhaps a better title for this post would be "This is NOT a Before and After," because this story is not about how a flat iron, a little makeup, and the pros at Amy Head Cosmetics and my sister-in-law's salon made anyone better. Aumbriel, a senior at St. Andrews, is far more interesting than that. I would not be happy showing you just the two images below, the ones Aumbriel jokingly said I could call "unfrosted" and "frosted."
The truth is, she looks great in both pictures. If I stopped with just labeling the pictures "before" and "after," you might miss much of the story. You would not get to hear about Aumbriel's goal of becoming a veterinarian, her many hours working at a local vet office, or about her adorable pets like Knuckles the dog.
You wouldn't learn about the history of her favorite coat. Its graphite and watercolor stains reveal an artist that loves to create. The coat has battle scars from wrestling with many art tools over the years, and every button on the coat has a story of how it was once fallen and then saved by Aumbriel's needle and thread.
And then there is Aumbriel's art. She is not limited to paper and ink or watercolors. Aumbriel is an artist in three dimensions. She sculpts, sews, and crafts art in all forms.
So this is Aumbriel, a smart, talented, beautiful senior with so much to look forward to. Thanks for letting me spend two great afternoons working with you and sharing in all that makes you amazing.

For a different perspective from sunny Florida, please visit my friend Lisa .


Lyn Tayler Lee said...

Before and after shots are usually just that! But the inbetween story is what fleshes out the subject, or in this case - Aumbriel, and the images become far more interesting! Wonderful presentation and prespective! Lyn Tayler Lee

Krista Lund said...

love this! this is beautiful! she is a wonderful girl!

Kathy Guzman said...

What a beautiful girl and story! I love your story telling capabilities and how you bring it all together!

Lisa Tarplee said...

Beautiful girl and you captured her wonderfully! I feel like I get to know her by reading this post. Great take on perspective!

The 3D Octagon said...

I love the pictures - it captures the girl she was and the woman she will be in a moment of time - lovely

Lynn said...

Wow. FOund this link from Clickin MOms....amazing neice you have here and such a pretty girl...IN and OUT!

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